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Our mission is to build more intelligent human organizations. At Actagan, we align business success with employee's interests and win.


Our Story

We started Actagan to help software engineering organizations merge the professional ambitions of their teams with the company's success. We found this to be a recurrent and perennial problem; a problem that leads to hopping jobs, or an unsettling discomfort between work alignment and professional growth.


Our vision is to empower engineers realize their next selves. We will show you how a common framework helps engineers identify exactly what growth means to them, and how this growth translates to your overall objectives. No more reserving these discussions for yearly check-ins. Get managers and engineers literally on the same page, and get them ready to engage in meaningful 1-on-1 discussions.

We can do incredible things when we work and grow together. With Actagan professional growth reverberates across your organization. Your company and customers will thank you.

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