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Your Teams.

Engaged and Motivated.


Grow your teams, build trust, and achieve better business results - all in one tool.

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Your employees are the most expensive assets in your business. Growing them is hard.

Actagan formalizes employee growth into a framework for you! Show that employee growth is part of your organization's DNA.

1. Organize career expectations

Define scope of executions associated to different levels.

Use one of ours or bring your own. Give meaning to your employee levels.

Growth Profile.png
2. Get on the same page 

Align employee ↔ manager perceptions of work against level-appropriate expectations.

Clear out assumptions and build trust along the way.

Perception Exercise.png
3. Growth Tracking

Create a per employee personalized development plan.

Grow your employees and grow your business.

Growth Tracking.png
4. Employee growth centric 1:1

Regular touch-points to identify if employees are directionally aligned towards their growth objectives.

Learn about what's most pressing to your team beyond status updates.

Supercharge your business with employee growth now!

Thanks! You are added to the waitlist. We''ll be in touch soon.

Mike C, Engineering Director

Actagan gives me the tools to help my team level up. It helps me challenge high performers to push their limits, and it helps me show junior engineers a path to the next step. Actagan helps me close candidates: when they see our approach to personal growth, they want to be a part of it.

Betty Z, Software Engineer

[Actagan] has added more structure to my work by providing a solid framework for me to work on my goals. I think that using Actagan shows that management cares about employee growth beyond the number of tasks completed.

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